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What Does Kindness Look Like?

Could kindness look like a gift of a warm hat or pair of gloves on a cold day? A thoughtful note that touches someone's heart? Or could kindness appear as an affectionate dog that brightens your spirit? Our shop dog, Ruthie, brings us a lot of joy and we are thrilled that she is able to bring smiles to the faces of our customers. The perfect hostess, Ruthie eagerly welcomes our guests into Songbird Artistry and poses for pictures with them against the backdrop of the "Ruthie Wall" painted by Kai Ayase. We feature these photos on social media as mementos of our customers' visits and refer to them as the #RuthieRoundup. For this #RuthieRoundup, we focus on some people that really appreciate Ruthie; children and families who are patients at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh located directly across the street.

One of our customers, Michelle, had this to say upon discovering Songbird Artistry.

"My son, Alex, received his second liver transplant at Children's Hospital in 2014 and we lived at Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh for 7 months. While Alex was sleeping in the hospital, I would walk around Lawrenceville seeking any place that would brighten my spirits. I fell in love with Pittsburgh for many reasons, not the least of which was that the transplant team saved my son's life.

We were so far from our home in Florida and arrived in Pittsburgh on the day after Thanksgiving in 2014 with snow on the ground and no winter clothes. Kindness, in fact, was a warm hat and gloves that we both desperately needed and received as a gift at Ronald McDonald House."

"In August 2022, Alex and I returned for a checkup and stayed in an AirBnB on Penn Avenue. As I was once again exploring Lawrenceville, I saw a pink mailbox surrounded by vibrant flowers outside of an adorable shop with the intriguing title of a 'Kindness Mailbox'.

I followed the directions and wrote an uplifting note, took a kind note then eagerly awaited until Songbird Artistry reopened on Tuesday morning."

"As I walked inside, I was promptly greeted by Ruthie and her human, Debbie. Needless to say, I was hooked. What a perfect fit to have this lovely spot across the street from a Children's Hospital!

Art, smiling faces and a therapy dog!"

"Debbie relayed a story about this young man who underwent brain surgery at Children's Hospital. When he first visited Songbird Artistry with his mom, he came in with a helmet after a pre-surgery appointment.

After his surgery, he came back to visit us and it happened to be on a day when Jacklyn's daughter, Leora, was in the shop.

It did not take long for them to become great friends. "

"I hope that families at Children's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House take the time to visit Songbird Artistry. It is a safe haven that is much needed when dealing with truly stressful situations," Michelle stated.

"Thank you Songbird Artistry. I can't wait to be back in the "Burgh and visit you and Ruthie in person."

This holiday season, the very best gift that you can give someone could be kindness; be it an encouraging word, a warm hat and pair of gloves or a visit to a sweet dog like Ruthie. If you are in need of a hat, gloves or a scarf, Songbird Artistry has you covered. Our door has an array of these free happiness gifts that are for anyone who needs them in the winter. They are handmade or purchased by their vendors and customers to share the warmth of kindness.

Happy Holidays,

Michelle, Alex's mom and Songbird Artistry

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