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Looking for a fun and unique birthday party idea?

Need a place to host a Girl's Night Out with wine and cheese?

Have a craft party here, perfect for adults and children.

Events and Parties

The Gathering of Goddesses
March 3 and April 14, 12:30-2:30

Renewal Regrowth Refresh What's stirring within you?

The Gathering of Goddesses.png

Art Takes Flight 
April 5th - May 18th 
Grand opening reception, April 5th, 6-9 PM

Open house on April 6th, 12-5 PM - Acorn People Make It Take It

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As the earth lies dormant, seeds stir in darkness. Let's embrace this pre-spring moment to awaken what lies within.

Join our guided meditation to unearth your inner potential. What dreams await? What can you nurture to flourish?

Craft your vision with us through a personal vision board to take home.


Art Takes Flight" celebrates nature's beauty through paintings and photography. Join us for the grand opening featuring artists Tori Solomon and Rebecca Warner. Explore avian-themed art and captivating nature-inspired pieces.

Free and open to the public

We offer classes catering to individuals of all skill levels, spanning both adults and children. Our diverse range of classes covers stained-glass mosaic making, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, sewing, polymer clay crafting, and terrarium building.

We host parties suitable for both adults and children, ideal for birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and more. Explore our diverse selection of themes such as Witches and Wizardry, Princes and Princesses, Magic and Fantasy, Croning Celebrations, and Woodland Creatures, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every occasion.

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