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Artwork by Debbie Maier Jacknin of Mosaic Glass Creations

Debbie Maier Jacknin

Debbie is a stained glass mosaic and polymer clay artist. She began creating mosaics with her husband, Larry, in 2007.  In September 2013, Larry was diagnosed with ALS. The most important thing they tried to convey is that everyone in life faces challenges.  ALS was a tough diagnosis to receive but instead of focusing on the negative, they focused on what Larry could do which included creating art together.   Larry passed away February 23, 2016.  Debbie continues to create art often combing her passion for social issues with her love of nature, sailing, water, and Western PA. Often working in an impressionistic style, she evokes a sense of luminescent beauty while talking provocative subjects.  


When Larry passed away, Debbie opened Songbird Artistry with her daughter's Jennifer Orefice and Jacklyn Juliar. She teaches stained glass mosaics, polymer clay, and other crafts at Songbird Artistry, festivals, and (thanks to the pandemic) on zoom.   


Her artwork can be seen in the lobby of Temple David in Monroeville and in private collections across the US. Debbie enjoys working one on one to turn your idea into a one of a kind piece of art. 

Pittsburgh on Debbie's Page

Pittsburgh Designs 

Text Ideas: I'm a Burgh Baby, Mommy Burgh, Daddy Burgh, Baby Burgh, I'm Inclined to Love You (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle or you pick the name.

Inspirational Designs

Inspiraional Designs

She Persists

Text Ideas: She Persists, The Future is Female, She Persisted

She Persists

She Persists is a three part series. The first piece, She Persists: Power of Knowledge, shows a woman attempting to break through the glass ceiling. Debbie left part of the ceiling whole because as women, we still have a way to go.  The glass is beginning to shatter representing the strides we have made.  The torch is being passed to the next generation. Look at the water, you will see a portion of the shattered glass going under the young girl, encouraging her to educate herself and continue the fight. She Persists: Powerful Women began as an attempt to recreate the first piece in polymer clay.  She started with a woman who looked like Debbie but when she put the clay too close to the top of the oven and she became a rich, beautiful, brown color. Debbie believe she was meant to be exactly that way.  She was reminded we will never shatter the glass ceiling unless women of color are treated equally and fairly.  Debbie left the glass ceiling out of She Persists: Women in Power because the Native American woman was already a leader in her community. Click here to read more information about the series. 

Love Will Sea You Through & Beach Art

20% of the profit from sale from this section will be donated to The ALS Association, Western PA Chapter.

Love Will SeaYou Through

 Love Will Sea You Through was inspired by a parable told to Debbie and Larry at an ALS picnic, From time to time, life can be tough.  Our struggles can be feel like being in the middle of a rough sea. It can throw us around, scare us, and make us fear that there will be no harbor from our storm. But there are boats all around you, if you care to look. For us, support came from the ALS Association as well as our family and friends. Click here to read more.

Tree of Life 

Tree of Life

Larry conceived of our Tree of Life design which divides the trunk  in two representing giving and receiving. Larry was the type of person who liked to help others (give) . ALS forced him to learn to receive.  He found that this brings out the best in others as most people are more than happy to help. The tree shows that you need to be able to give and receive to be in balance.  

Art That's Inspirational and Fun

Heart, We Will Cross that Covered Bridge when We get there, Creation, Mandala, Create, & Wine

Text Ideas, Nameste, Nameste Bitches, Love is All Around Us, Be Kind, The Best Wines are the Ones You Drink with a Friend