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Artwork by Katya Malkin

Katya is a freelance artist who lives and works in Pittsburgh.  Her artistic endeavors include illustrations of animal characters, the city she loves, and more realistic portraits of people and pets.


Animal characters are expressive and full of movement.  She loves the way they show purpose in their actions - they know what they're doing (even when they don't!)  She hopes to develop her tiny elephants further and one day tell a story with them.  She imagines all sorts of mischief for them in their too big world.


Katya's portraits of pets and people are mostly colored pencil, sometimes with a little watercolor or marker mixed in. The picture of of Abby is of her youngest daughter who has a ton of very long very thick very curly hair.  The portrait has all sorts of things that represent her personality and interests tangled up in that hair. 

Katya Animals

Elephant, Fox, Snail, & Other Animals  

Text ideas: All big things start small, Together is our favorite place to be, I know what love is because of you, Family: where life begins and love never ends, The snail keeps moving forward and so can you, I'm not slow: I'm taking the scenic route, Snailed it. 

Katya Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Designs

Test Ideas: I'm saving a space in my heart for you, I'm a Burgh Baby, I'd cross all the bridges in Pittsburgh to get to you (mommy, daddy, nana, Susan or person of your choice). Or, make up your own saying!

Katy Flowers

Flower Designs

Text Ideas: Bee Kind

Rainbow lemon and abby pride

Rainbow Lemon, Octopus, and Abby Pride Designs

Pittsburgh Designs by Katya and other artists

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