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"Art Takes Flight" is soaring into Songbird Artistry

Get ready to spread your artistic wings as Songbird Artistry proudly presents the enchanting "Art Takes Flight" exhibition, featuring the works of artists Tori Solomon and Rebecca Warner. Glide into a world of feathered friends and breathtaking nature scenes available to view from April 5th to May 18th during this featured exhibit.

Tori Solomon's work invites viewers to pause and appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Her mesmerizing watercolor hummingbirds, crafted with color-shifting paints, dazzle and delight as they capture the essence of these magical creatures.

Tori’s love of vibrant colors across the rainbow shine through in her other-worldly paintings of succulents.

Each piece that she creates is infused with color and care, and demonstrates her keen admiration of nature.

Rebecca Warner's photography captures the personal lives of birds she watches every day.

From a family of red-tailed hawks she follows to fleeting encounters with other species, her closeness with her subjects allows viewers an intimate and personal look into the lives of these feathered birds she watches every day.

Rebecca’s photography captures the personal lives and memorable moments of birds that she watches every day.

Beyond birds, Rebecca also photographs a variety of wildlife, including raccoons, deer, and squirrels, plus natural landscapes.

Together, Tori and Rebecca’s works showcase the profound connection between art and the natural world, inviting viewers to rediscover the beauty that surrounds us, from the birds in the air to the land around us, and to embark on a journey of wonder and discovery.

Don't miss the playful and creative Acorn People Crafting Workshop from 12-5 pm with Tori during the Open House on April 6.

These whimsical acorn people demonstrate the simple beauty and joys found in nature.

Opening Reception:

April 5th, 6:00-9:00 PM - Meet artists Tori Solomon and Rebecca Warner and enjoy light snacks and refreshments

Open House:

April 6th, 12:00 PM-5:00 PM – Attend the exhibition for Tori and Rebecca's art and enjoy work from all Songbird Artistry's artists.

From 1-3 pm attend the Acorn People Crafting Workshop with artist Tori Solomon and create your own adorable nature inspired art.

We look forward to sharing this inspiring exhibit with you.


Debbie, Jacklyn, and Jenn

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