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Songbird Artistry presents "One Woman" A Solo Exhibit featuring Stacie Lawrence

Exhibition dates: September 20 through October 8 Artist, Photographer, Model, Costume Designer, Jewelry Designer, Poet - Visionary!

Life has a way of putting the right people in our lives at the right time. Stacie met Debbie's husband Larry at the Three Rivers Art Festival. Larry introduced the two women as Stacie was beginning to expand her artistic range.

She attended Debbie's stained glass mosaic class where they recognized their mutually creative spirits. The artwork below was created in that class and will be included in the One Woman exhibit.

Stacie's first stained glass mosaic created at Songbird Artistry.

As Stacie attended more classes with various artists, their interests and connection developed into an important friendship for both of them. Debbie remembers with gratitude that Stacie was there for her during Larry's illness, cementing their bond even further.

Songbird Artistry is thrilled to host Stacie for her first solo exhibit, "One Woman". The show will showcase Stacie's incredible talent in diverse mediums and love of art.

The "2041" collection will be featured during the One Woman exhibit.

Born to an African American mother and Jamaican father, Stacie's artwork reflects a deep connection with Africa, cultivated through the understanding of Diaspora and the way we are closely related.

"One Woman" also features work in photography, costume design, poetry, jewelry and art created from recycled materials and will be included in the exhibit.

Songbird Artistry is excited to be presenting the premier of Stacie's video at the opening reception. "I'm Not Ready" is a raw and personal autobiography, poet and performance by Stacie that reveals the struggles and triumphs along a creative journey.

Stacie's history with Songbird Artistry has included modeling. This Pittsburgh hoodie by owner Debbie Maier Jacknin of Mosaic Glass Creations is printed from images of stained glass mosaics.

It is an honor to have Stacie's exhibit at Songbird Artistry and we hope that you will join us in welcoming One Powerful Woman to our gallery. We hope to see you there! The exhibit is free and open to the public during store hours.

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