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Tree of Life - Coasters

Tree of Life - Coasters


The design for the Tree of Life was based on a stained glass mosaic created by Larry and Debbie of Mosaic Glass Creations. Larry had ALS and was a man who liked to help others. Because of his disease, he had to learn to accept help from others. At first, Larry found that very difficult. As time went on, he realized that people were happy to help and this made him truly appreciate people. The tree has a trunk that is divided in half representing with one side representing giving and the other side representing giving suggesting we are in balance when we are able to both.


These delightfully detailed coasters include high definition of Mosaic Glass Creations stunning handmade glass mosaics, made of vinyl and cork. 
Each coaster is 4.5x 4.5 inches.


If you purchase 4 you can pick your styles.  

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