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She Persists - Coasters

She Persists - Coasters


Top: She Persists: Powerful Women

Bottom: left, She Persists: Power of Knowledge

Bottom right: She Persists: Women in Power

Coasters are based on Debbie Maier Jacknin's stained glass mosaic, "She Persists." She Persists was the first major piece Debbie of Mosaic Glass Creations creatd after her husband Larry passed away.  "She Persists" is a juxtaposition showing where woman have come from and contrasting that with where they have yet to go. Her favorite art period is impression. Woman during that time had limited rights - unable to own property or vote. The woman’s parasol is reaching up trying to shatter the glass ceiling. Some of the “ceiling” comes up under the young lady encouraging her to educate herself and continue the work. The glass has started to shatter, but we have a way to go and so some of the “ceiling” remains whole. Women like Debbie have contributed to shattering the ceiling. She lost her husband, She owns her own home and business. She is an artist. She persists.  


The second in the series is She Persists, Powerful Women and the third in the series is She Persists, Women in Power.  To learn more about these mosaics click here. 


The fourth and final in the series is "Eye Persist" created 5 years after after the loss of her husband.  


Show the world you persist or give them to the person who inspires you!


You can mix and match coasters.  Let us know which 4 you would like.

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