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To April Minech, Every Day is #NationalDogDay

While dog lovers everywhere celebrate their best friends each and every day, #NationalDogDay was established in 2004 by animal advocate, Colleen Paige. The mission of National Dog Day is to raise awareness about the vast numbers of dogs in rescue centers and to encourage people to adopt their furry family members from animal shelters and rescues, not shop for them. Millions of dogs become homeless each year for a variety of reasons and they need our help.

Songbird Artistry proudly features the work of Artist April Minech. April embodies the spirit of National Dog Day which is celebrated annually on August 26th. She got her start volunteering at an animal shelter and illustrating the dogs and cats in residence. Along with fostering for Frenchie and Boston terrier rescues, she started creating portraits of those animals then donating them to raffles and charity events.

"There is beauty and magic in the animals around us and I hope people find as much joy looking at my art as much as I had creating it!” says April.

Did you know that April donates 50% of all proceeds to local shelters and rescues? We love beautiful art with a purpose! Her Pop Art is available in 8" x 8" prints as well as on tee shirts, hoodies, bibs and onesies.

You can find April's work in person at Songbird Artistry and online at Check out more pop art inspired by shelter and rescue animals by April or inquire about custom orders of your pet. April also has some fantastic cat images for feline lovers including Frida Catlo. Her Pop Art is available in 8" x 8" prints as well as on tee shirts, hoodies, bibs and onesies.

If you have been to visit Songbird Artistry, you have likely met our resident gallery dog, Ruthie and possibly gotten your photo taken with her. Ruthie is a rescue dog and we proudly recommend where we were fortunate enough to meet her and bring her home as part of our family.

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