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The Nose Knows - How Scents, Emotions and Memories are Connected!

Have you ever caught the aroma of something that instantly transported you to a specific place or time? Perhaps the smell of cookies reminds you of time spent baking with your grandmother in her kitchen, or the scent of pine trees brings back to camping trips that you had as a child. The incredible connection between scents to memories and emotions show how powerful our sense of smell really is!

Paul Barnard, the owner and creator of PSquare Scents, knows a lot about the power of the nose, and its impact on emotions, memories and overall health. He realized that some candles and other products that he used in his younger years contained chemical fragrances that gave him a headache, and later learned that he was allergic to paraffin wax, so he decided to begin crafting his own candles and soaps in 2004. What began as a hobby, became so much more for Paul, as he brought his knowledge and passion for naturally-made fragrant items available for sale on-line. Using high grade essential oils and fragrance oils, Paul began creating small batches of handcrafted soaps, candles, incense, and many more fragrant items.

In 2019, he and his partner, Paul Morack opened PSquare Scents LLC at their brick-and-mortar location in the Bellevue District of Pittsburgh. The business name "PSquare" is a light-hearted nod to the two Pauls that own the business. Their commitment to a healthy lifestyle is not only reflected in they do include in their products, but what they do NOT include as well.

They DO NOT use paraffin wax or unnecessary chemicals, UV protector or color in their candles due to the health risks inherent in these additives. They DO use high quality essential and fragrance oils, to create scent profiles that are as true to their description as possible. Other nourishing ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter ensure that not only do the products smell wonderful, they are beneficial to your skin as well. Even their packaging is thoughtfully chosen with biofilm plastic, that composts in a year or two, as opposed to regular plastic which takes hundreds of years.

Just because their products are healthy, does NOT mean that PSquare is not full of fun! Unique scent profiles of soy wax candles such as the vanilla and butterscotch scented "Butterbeer", bring joy and a hint of nostalgia to your home. The pressed ribbon wick creates a fun tear drop flame, and helps the wick release the fragrant oils from the soy wax better than a traditional wick.

Soap and shower steamers are available in novelty shapes, such as pickles, bears, pierogies, fortune cookies, and other forms that make cleaning something that family members of all ages look forward to. These Fruity Scented Mini Bath Bombs in the Rainbow Reusable Bag keep things neat and tidy until you are ready to jump in!

Imagine the creative fun that these soap crayons can bring to your budding artist in the tub! Wet the soap and begin your masterpiece! Best of all, it easily washes off the tub and tub wall.

PSquare Scents also creates seriously well crafted home, bath and body products, such as incense, lip scrubs, lotions, shave soaps, and so much more. The majority of their creations are vegan, though some items are made with beeswax and/or honey.

This deliciously decadent Vanilla gift set includes all you need for a luxurious home spa day. All of their products are a treat for not only your nose, but for your entire body and mind, and living/work space. In fact, there are even pet care products for your fur babies!

The link between scents, memories, and emotions comes down to how our brains are wired. When you smell something, tiny odor molecules hit receptors in your nose, which then send signals to the area of your brain that handles memory and emotions. This close connection is why certain smells can bring back memories and feelings almost instantly, and why particular scents can make you feel happy, nostalgic, or even anxious.

Because scents have a big impact on how we feel, aromatherapy can be very helpful in managing emotions, and improving well being through the use of essential oils. You have likely heard or experienced that the essence of lavender is known to be calming, while citrus scents such as lemon and orange can boost your energy and mood. PSquare Scents carefully matches the scents of their quality oils in their products so that you can choose the mood and effect that you are needing at a given moment, from fun soaps with the kids that smell like sugar cereal, to uplifting lemongrass candles, to lavendar body oil for soothing and moisturizing.

Songbird Artistry is proud to carry PSquare Scents products in the shop and online. From their gift sets, novelty soaps and bath bombs, to seasonal products for all the holidays, we are certain to have something to brighten your surroundings with care and good scents. As you can see, Paul and PSquare Scents are Ruthie-approved.


As small business owners ourselves, Songbird Artistry recognizes the passion and creativity involved in turning a dream into reality. Well done, Paul (s) for transitioning your interest in a healthy lifestyle into a flourishing business venture.

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