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How To Be A Hand Sanitizer For Halloween 2020

What could be more perfect for a 2020 Halloween costume than a bottle of hand sanitizer? If you need a last minute costume idea, this one is easy to put together with things you probably already have!

We created this costume as part of a challenge for Pittsburgh Today Live! Take a look at our segment with Heather Abraham:

Here are the hand sanitizer costume instructions and after that the printables for you to download the lettering (made by the talented Chloe of Sweet Baby Paper Company!)

And for everyone who guessed what the costume would be, come to Facebook at 12:30 EST today for the live drawing of the winners!!! (And Deb will be wearing her hand sanitizer costume!)

Hand Sanitizer Halloween Costume

Supply List:

  • Foam core board or poster board

  • Box cutter or razor blade to cut foam core board or scissors to cut poster board

  • Pencil

  • Glue stick or double side tape

  • Black construction or computer paper

  • Take-out food container

  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll

  • Printer or sharpie

  • Tulle, rope, or yarn

  • Something sharp to use to poke a hole in the take-out container

  • Optional – purchase Be Wise Sanitize face mask at


  • Print out letters and arm template – if you don’t have a printer you can write the words on the board.

  • Use the template to draw the cut out for the neck.

  • Cut out the shoulders. We used a box cutter.

  • Cut out the letters and heart.

  • Use glue stick or tape to attach as per photos. You can also write the words and cut out or draw a heart.

  • Draw lines to make the top of the bottle.

  • Lay the 2 sides together and poke holes at right under the top of the bottle. Use tulle, string, or yarn to connect the two sides.

  • Use template to cut out pump or draw your own.

  • Cut the bottom of the toilet paper or paper towel roll. If you are using a paper towel roll you will need to cut it in half.

  • Poke holes in the take-out container and tie with ribbon, string, or tulle.

  • Assemble as per photo.

We’d love to see your finished costume!

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Print out the instructions here:

Hand Sanitizer Halloween Costume Instruc
Download • 445KB

And print the lettering and heart here:

Download PDF • 1KB

Download PDF • 42KB

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