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Love Will Sea You Through Onesie

Love Will Sea You Through Onesie


Inspire the little ones in your life with this powerful artwork on a onesie! You can also add a saying such as "Love Will Sea You Through" or "Let Your Dreams Set Sail" or "I am not afraid of Storms, I am Learning to Sail My Ship"


Also available on shirts/sweatshirts, masks, and bibs


The world can seem like a tough place to inhabit right now. And when the world seems a little too rough, Debbie of Songbird Artistry likes to remember this parable, told to her late husband ,Larry, and her shortly after his ALS diagnosis. Life and our struggles during it can be like a rough sea. It can throw us around, scare us, and make us fear that there will be no harbor from our storm. But there are boats all around you, if you care to look, in the form of family and friends that are willing to help guide and support you through hard times. This parable is what inspired the mosaic that Larry and Debbie created, which we entitled "Love Will Sea You Through". This mosaic helped to remind us, even though ALS was a scary diagnosis, that there was still a lot of good left to experience.


100% Cotton Screen-printed by hand with non-toxic ink in the USA

Please allow 7-10 days for printing.

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