Princess and Wicked Themed Candles

Princess and Wicked Themed Candles


4 - ounce jar candles by PSquare Scents


1 candle or set of 4, you pick your package A set of the Wicked or Princess Collection!

These candles are all-natural soy wax blends created without paraffin wax and hidden chemicals.
No color is added which can affect the burn, the fragrance & can cause headaches.
The Ribbon wick is a self-trimming wick so no need to trim or cut.
The wick is a high end wick designed for a better burn and a stronger fragrance release.

The Princess Collection:
ARIEL, Smells like the sea and salt
FAIRY GODMOTHER, Smells like a creamy pumpkin pie
THE FAIREST ONE, smells like a sweet candied apple
FROZEN, Smells like a peppermint cookie

The Wicked Collection:
URSULA, Smells like the sea and Orchids
I SEE SPOTS, Smells like an Amber perfume with the sweet smell of tobacco
MALEFICENT, Smells like Cedar and the woods with a hint of smoke and fire
POISON APPLE, Smells like a fresh apple

These hand poured candle are created in Pittsburgh, PA.