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Inspirational Coloring Book - Love Will See You Through

Inspirational Coloring Book - Love Will See You Through


20% of the purchase price will be donated to the ALS Association Western PA Chapter.

This coloring book is dedicated to the memory of Larry Jacknin, Debbie Jacknin's late husband. Larry was diagnosed with ALS in September 2013 and stopped working at the beginning of 2014. Larry and Debbie made a very conscious choice to live life. He had ALS but the disease would not define who he was nor what he could do. While Larry was battling ALS, they traveled to Israel, went to Colorado for his daughter’s wedding, wintered in Florida, and enjoyed time with family and friends.


The most important thing Debbie and Larry tried to convey is that everyone in life faces challenges. ALS was a tough diagnosis to receive but instead of focusing on the negative, they focused on what Larry could do.  They had always dreamed of being artists, and when Larry left work they spent our spare time turning what they saw and felt into stained-glass mosaics. Larry passed away February 23, 2016. In the two years after he stopped working they created over fifty pieces of art together.


You’ll find many of the works that Larry and Debbie created together in the pages of this book, together with some reminisces about the artworks and their life together. Larry was a man who was bright, imaginative and loving. He listened, cared deeply for his friends and family, and pressed on when others might have given up. Debbie hopes that in reading this book and coloring in their mosaics that you might feel some of that spirit yourself.

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