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We Are One 12 oz Pride Candle

We Are One 12 oz Pride Candle


12 ounce JAR CANDLE by PSquare Scents.

2019 Pittsburgh Pride "We Are One" Candle 

Created Exclusively for 2019 Pride, Pittsburgh, PA. 

Hand Poured Ribbon Wick All Natural Soy Wax Candle 12oz Jar, Burn  between 45 to 60 hours. 

Celebrate pride in who and your family are with this beautiful candles!

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this candle will benefit the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh!


45+ hours burning time
High quality fragrance and soy wax blend recipe for a better scent throw and a longer burn time. These candles do not have paraffin wax in them.

The scent name will be on a brown label on the bottom of the candle.

Color can alter the burn in cotton wicks, leaving the candle white also makes the candle more natural.  Sometimes the natural white soy can turn yellow, this is perfectly natural and fine.


Pressed ribbon wick creates a fun tear drop flame and helps the wick release the fragrant oils out of the wax compared to a traditional wick.

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