Be Social While Distant

Songbird Artistry wants to foster community and bring people together virtually for uplifting conversation and fun craft projects. 

Here’s how "Be Social While Distant" works…

  1. Purchase a crafting kit of your choice​

  2. Kits can be mailed or picked up at Songbird Artistry.

  3. We meet online using Zoom and socialize while having fun creating.

Craft Kits

Glow in the Dark Sticker Social - you will make a sticker, patch or piece of wall art, beginners welcome.

Nov 14, 7:00-9:00

Meet Laura Regan, new owner of the Pittsburgh Creative Arts Festival

Purchase the kit(s) of your choice

String Art Social Kit $25.00 - beginners welcome


Purchase the kit(s) of your choice. Choose from four kit designs then we will schedule the social: